Kaolin Poultice BP

Kaolin Poultice BP offers a highly effective alternative to more intrusive treatments for a whole range of muscular strains and infected sores and wounds. The Poultice eases pain and reduces inflammation without intrusion - meaning that that the use of other oral, intravenous or inframuscular treatments is not compromised.

We have taken this traditional product and refined it for use in the most up-to-date medical environments. Our own unique-patented-heat-retaining foil bag system offers a "one minute Kaolin Poultice", totally free of mess and singularly easy to apply. Leading hospitals throughout the UK uses this product.

A major and growing market for Kaolin Poultice is the equine application. In this market, these poultices have proved to be highly effective in the treatment of everything from inflammation and strains to wounds. AS the Poultice does not enter the horse's system, there is no compromise to its ability to race or compete.

These benefits have meant we have enjoyed success in the equine market both in the UK, Ireland, Dubai, Hong Kong and other overseas markets.

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Magnesium Sulphate Paste BP

Magnesium Sulphate Paste BP is a non-sterile semi solid preparation for topical application. It is used in the treatment of boils, wounds, and other superficial skin infections. This is manufactured both as a KL branded product and under "own label" for the UK's leading High Street chemists.

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